Ayotle is an innovative company located in Paris. We create computer vision software based on motion analysis and 3D sensing technologies. Building upon the knowledge of our highly specialized PhD's, our team of experts develops stand-out technologies. While competent hardware is a requirement, motion analysis is all about the software. Our redefined perspective on 3D sensing technologies provides vast potential for innovation in the development of new products and applications.



Ayotle gives existing media a new twist Mashable, June 2012

It's like a child's imagination made real Technabob, June 2012

A la pointe de l'innovation Le point, October 2012

Turn anything into a touchscreen simply by touching it PSFK, May 2012

Classé dans les 10 innovations de l'année par INFLUENCIA Influencia, May 2012

AnyTouch is unique in that it doesn't require an actual touchscreen Tomshardware, September 2012

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Based on the interaction of a 3D sensor and computer vision software designed by Ayotle, any object, no matter its size or its surface, can be made tactile and interactive. The shape, color, and volume of objects, as well as the user’s gestures can all be detected by Ayotle's AnyTouch technology and utilized for multi-platform applications.

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